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Couch to 5K
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New here

I am on the last day of week 1

My new partner has previously been a runner and has us signed up for a real life 5k in september, me on the other hand have not been an active runner!

I have done weights before but running has never appealed to me.

following the couch to 5k podcasts alongside weight training and making up my own diet.

Also on weekends I am doing the podcasts with my dog.

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Also is there a version of the podcast with just the voice? I have separated the lady (for intervals) from the music so that I can mix it over my own music library


If you use the app rather than the podcast you can use your own music. I think the app has now had an update as I had a few glitches with the app pausing and stopping just when I didn't want it to.


I've just got her voice mixed with another album, didn't know there was an app

on my 3rd day including following week 1 podcast i was at 4.4 km.

It's the intervals that are the main thing for me as I would just go all out and get too tired/ lose interest.


If you search under NHS couch to 5k - you can then 'chose' your trainer, although. Impressed you've managed to separate Laura and not have to put up with her music choice! (although assuming your name is relevant you know what you are doing with mixing music!)


Didn't take too long to 'fix' it as i used a program which displayed the wave form.

Can't wait to smash this though, its a 5k with inflatable obstacles!


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