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2nd Run of the week

Now the good weather is here have got of my butt and did my second run left at 4:50 had to do it in silence as phone not charged and if anything Laura is good for keeping track of time as in the morning I don't have a lot of time anyway off we went breathing a little easier a little misty in the village this morning but only one idiot out this early (me) still managed to run 3.3 km walked for 1.7 km to make the 5 km had to make up the route on the hoof and whilst out decided to go and play with the big kids and will slowly start to extend distance to 10 km I can walk it in 90 minutes so be interesting to see how fast I can run it but gentle increases will see me through. And finally no near things this morning as I was all prepared before I went out. Next run Saturday morning with another change of route and increase in distance.

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Sounds good to me.. and phew.. no near disaster this morning:) You were out early.. I was out at 6.30 and it was warm!

Building up to that 10 K seems like a good plan.. and slow and steady, even better.. :)


It was a tad misty this morning and quite damp considering how hot it was yesterday

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