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Yipee! W6R2 in the bag!

I have just come home after my 2nd run of week 6 on the plan. It was a lovely run in gorgeous sunshine, 25C, warm and lovely, unusual in Ireland. That's the last of the runs with a walking break or interval for the rest of the plan. Looking forward to run 3 on Saturday morning. Loving this, the Forum has made all the difference this time and reading all your posts has kept me motivated. Thanks. I will have to change my route now and extend it from a 3.5k route to a 5k route.

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I had the route length problem today too - should have extended really, but wanted to run what I know and ended up running 30s laps up and down the path in the woods for the last 3 minutes, begging Jo Whiley to tell me my final 5 mins was over 😊


Well done! It's been upper 90s here and humid (so 36C and 90% humidity or so). Pretty muggy running, even in the morning. I've been doing a 5k route for the whole thing, I just walk it out at the end.


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