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W5 D2

This one felt easier than W5 D1, I don't like stopping and starting really. I am not being critical of the couch25K. Its a great plan even though I am not following it strictly to the letter and I advise anyone that they shouldn't do what I am doing...

I just found this segment a bit short even though I tried to add 'pace' to the 8 minute run part, which I know you aren't supposed to do but I can't run 'slow' I feel like I am going to fall over.

Did the Run8 Walk5 Run8 twice, more or less, as I was only half way round my track. But after three 8 minute runs I walked 2 minutes then ran 3 or 4 minutes. I am not too clear of the time . I'm pretty sure that I ran it in 39"30 , and didn't get overtaken by any snails

Ran 28minutes, Walked 11.5 minutes

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I agree, found this so much easier than R1, I'm now looking forward to R3 on friday

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Good luck. I think the gist is with R3 to do it slowly. I am gonna try to stick to that!


Good luck, I struggle with slowing myself down, I keep telling myself I need to but my legs don't want to lol

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Make them slow down.. you will be pleased that you did when you reach the longer runs and beyond:)


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