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Mental challenge

Having just completed week 7, run 1, it's become obvious that my challenge is definitely a mental one. I'm tired by the end, of course, but not exhausted to the point of collapse, and physically could run another minute or two if I had to. However, the overwhelming urge to stop has nearly caught my out a couple of must be those gremlins who like to tell me how much easier it would be if I had a nice walk instead 😉 Any tips on overcoming mental barriers? The positivity on this forum certainly helps!

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I've got a head full of gremlins and but I have found music helps. I make sure my play list is full of my favourite tunes, all the things that would get me up to dance, and tell myself how I know I can dance/ run for 3 more mins for this track each time a new one comes on.

I then zone out and listen to my breathing, focusing on keeping it regular ( it is nice and loud so easy to hear over the music). I picture myself looking like a slim fit runner and just keep those legs moving.

I try to trust the programme and have told myself the only excuse to stop is if I actually collapse or vomit or agent a searing pain of obvious damage and not for any other reason. I ignore my moaning calves and ankles and tell them to shut up and because they have no say in this!

Wish I had something more concrete to tell you but it seems to be a bit of all of this that does it for me.

Hope you find your gremlin killers xx

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Thanks, Docmum, that's good advice and reassuring to know I'm not the only one who struggles. Yes, the tunes definitely help!


Yep.. squish the pesky gremlins with every step you take, slow and steady... :)

Think about other things, focus on the next tree or lamp post:)

Make up a silly rhyme, think of a poem, make a list of gremlins names in your head and then slap each one of them hard :) By the time you have done all that you will be done and dusted!!!

Very well done you anyway...Emmy 7..Gremlins 0


Aw thanks Oldfloss 😊 I'll show them who's boss on the next run!


Week 7 is horrible but week 8 is great. Trust me! Just get to week 8 and let me know if I'm right :)


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