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Week 2 done!

Hi all, week 2 done woo hoo!!! It's a lovely feeling to have completed the program so far. I've received my blood sugar diet book, bedtime reading, ordered my 'stay on my head you b*' headphones and running belt. I'm feeling better and have lost 3lb cutting out the obvious carbs until I read my book.

So as a consummate quitter I would like to say thanks for your support it is very much appreciated xxx

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Well done!! You are 1 run ahead of me. Well done 👍 on your weight loss too 😃

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well done - keep going and come back for any support you need.

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Yay! Great stuff! You are northern so never a quitter! Be like a rat up a drainpipe 😁

Keep plugging steadily away, no hurry, just doggedly putting one foot in front of the other. Going slowly pays dividends as it buys time, saves puff and keeps you from injury

Carry on with the good eats and drinks, plenty of early nights, job's a good un 👍✔️🏃‍♀️🙂


Thank you! Y'er rite as 'owt😂


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