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First 6am Run

I decided to give early morning running a go. I did enjoy it, surprisingly it wasn't as quiet as I expected. It was nice and fresh and I completed my Stamina Run with no problems. It was a good feeling knowing that when I came home after work, I wouldn't have to go back out again. The run was done and dusted first thing! It did give me extra energy during the day and I wasn't tired considering I got up an hour earlier than usual. I'm trying this to see if it helps with sleeping and also it's cooler.

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Yes, it's got a lot going for it 🙂


Go you!!!! I am glad you did enjoy it...phew!

I always say it is the best start to a day... and because I am retired I could run at any time... it has just always been my choice :)

I hope it does help with your sleeping too :) Brilliant ! I shall be interested to see if you prefer it after a few more runs ? :)

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We have just started the programme and run at 5.30am - it's brilliant. No one around, whole park to ourselves, bright and fresh. Sets you up for your day 😃


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