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cream crackered update going solo

cream crackered update going solo

Ive not got a run tonight , thats for tomorrow , but ive had to do rest day walk , so knocked out a leisurely stroll along the river wandle trail about 3 miles . Tonights post is just for those music lovers who have a bit of earphone trouble . i took delivery of a nice looking pair of mpow bluetooth '' cheetahs'' earphones and ive got to say they are absolutely brilliant , once on they dont move . the sound quality is very good right up there with more expensive brands and the phone call sound is triff . As they dont have the wires hanging about all over the place , there is no weight jogging about as you run , just held in place by a spring band around the back of your head and very comfortable . also very reasonable price . check them out . ive included pic hope it solves someones issues

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