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Today I've had a bit of a bad day and wasn't feeling too happy with the world but I made myself go out for my run and I'm feeling better for it. Definitely helps lift the mood even if only slight.

One thing I've noticed is that I often get a stitch in my side as I'm running, it's not so painful that I can't keep going but it's uncomfortable. It goes as I drink water on the way round. Does anyone else get this and Is this happening because I'm not hydrated enough when I start?

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I wish I could help but I'm a newbie w2r2 xx hope you get some great answers from these guys xx

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Slow down.. right down.

You should not really need to drink on the way round, especially at this stage.

Folk have their own preferred method for getting rid of the stitch, but tips that may help...

Eat or drink mindfully before you run. ( I have a cuppa and two digestive lights about 45 mins before I head out )

Warm up properly.. and the brisk warm up walk too..:) Try to regulate your breathing... If you are going slow that should be easy :) Having slowed right down, try a big deep exhale...

See how you go ?


Great thank you. I'll try this out and let u know :)

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You should be fine... :)


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