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10 minute mile (Almost!) W7R3

Been a while since I posted. I had a 2 week holiday over Easter in Cuba. Surprisingly enough, due to a combination of 30 degree heat, many mojitos and feeling rather entitled to a long, lush break, I didn't run whilst I was there.

It took me another week after getting back to the UK and work to get motivated to run again. I thought i'd be so behind and was feeling more and more useless with every evening that I put off going out.

I can't remember what spurred me on, a now or never moment I think. But I totally surprised myself. I'd finished on the 25 minute run of W6R3 before i'd left and really didn't fancy returning to intervals so set myself the challenge of 20 mins. Amazingly, after achieving that time, I still had some puff and so pulled another 5 outta the bag - couldn't believe it - hadn't backtracked at all! Just goes to show how much of a mind over matter challenge this is.

Anyways, so i've done 4 runs of 25 mins now just to be sure. For my run this evening I really pushed myself and managed just under 4km in that time. Feeling really proud again and fully back on track.

Woop-de-woop, two weeks to go!!

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Well done on your runs:)

But try to remember this programme is about slow and steady, not pushing ourselves too hard.

Building up the stamina for running takes time..especially if we want to stay injury free.Lots of posts about this at the moment... Irish-John has posted about the fact that many graduates don't do 5K in 30 mins after nine weeks.. :)

It is your journey, but it is a journey , not a challenging race...getting you to running for thirty minutes injury free and having had fun :)


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