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I really need some motivation to get back in shape and change my lifestyle to a healthier one again. I am only about 8/9 pounds overweight but it's a slippery slope. I wouldn't really be classed as overweight but I am not happy how I am and really want to get back to how I was a year ago.

I would appreciate any advise on how to get going, I do walk a fair bit but it's not enough to get the weight off and I am fed up feeling fat and bad about myself.

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You should be self-motivated as you are the one doing it. Make it your business to get fit. That is your mission should you choose to accept it 🙂

Starting this programme would be a great start, sticking to it would be another.

Overhauling your diet would be another excellent plant. It's all pretty basic stuff. You just have to commit and DO it

So, get going, you have a lot to do. I would clear the decks of anything in your house that will sabotage your healthy eating. Donate it to the food bank, your next door neighbour, the husband, the kids, just get rid 🙂

Doing more cooking from fresh and avoiding the takeaway is always a good idea. It saves money to spend on smaller clothes and running shoes 🙂


Ok, so by posting here today you've made a good start but writing abi


Sorry ... pressed send by mistake!

As I was saying ... you've made a good start but writing about it is not going to be enough.

Follow misswobble's advice to the letter and you'll get there.

C25k is a brilliant for working towards fitness but to get on top of the weight you simply need to cut down on what you put in your mouth.

Sorry to sound harsh but I think you really want to do this and YOU WILL.

There's loads of support on this forum so keep reading the posts and keep posting.

I wish you lots of luck, go for it!

Happy running!


I already cook most things from scratch at home and don't do takeaways at all as usually horrible. We do eat out though as no kids and free to do what we want. I work 11 hour days weekdays and walk a great deal but am finding as i get older (now 51) and a bad back I have had for 3 years now that can be restricting that the old ways are no longer working.

Just to be clear I am 5ft 7 and weight 140 pounds but was 132 so unhappy about it.

I am very aware of what I need to do it's finding the motivation to keep it going once I start.

I am actually just back from day one and found it quite tough but stuck to it so I am hoping that I can keep it up when the weather is horrid and the day has been a very long one.

Thanks for your posts and advise more tips on staying motivated would be great as the diet aspect i am up on at least.


I agree with misswobble ... and the motivation... you just really have to want to do this... :)

Motivation has a nasty habit of hiding, particularly on damp dark , and cold days.The weather is picking up, so that excuse goes out of the window.

It has been , hard day.... what better ,than heading out, steadily and slowly and letting all those stresses fly away into the air.. another excuse gone.

I am already overweight and don't want it to get worse... You know this and you say you make food from scratch, and so many eating out places now are heavily into the healthy eating options... so,another excuse gone :)

So... now you may be getting the idea...?

If losing motivation is worrying you, we can be really helpful.

We will support, sympathise, empathise, commiserate, and console , cheer you on, pick you up and run with you....oh...and also give you a shove if needed too :)

"If you are persistent you will get it...if you are consistent, you will keep it "

So... off you go... we are right behind you :)


Slow decline into inactive, disease ridden old age........or.......your choice.

It is worth the effort and the majority of folks posting here actually enjoy running...........no, I didn't believe that before I started.

C25K can change your life.


You are not overweight so that is positive . I am in the same position , could be doing with losing half a stone but not so good at cutting out chocolate etc . It is harder to shift as you get older . If you already eat healthily then increasing your exercise will help . I ran a half marathon about 5 years ago and found I could eat whatever I wanted and was still losing weight , just about 6 pounds but was in much better shape . I am right back at the beginning , on week 2 , good luck , keep us posted


Thanks Maggie I will let you know, I did the first day yesterday and as my knee isn't great I will do the one on one off as recommended. It is quite hard losing weight when not already overweight. But I just want to lose half a stone to get back to how I feel good again.


Well I have just done day 2 of week 1 and wasn't too bad although my legs ache a bit which is surprising when i walk and cycle so much but different muscles I guess. I just wondered how you use the iPhone app and play music at the same time as I don't seem to be able to do so and no music with the personal trainer so did the podcast for extra motivation but would like to use the app as it keeps track of your progress. Anyone know how I can use the app and listen to music please?


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