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Week 2 Run 1

Yesterday completed WK2R1 after doing repeating Week 1 and I am amazed how much better I felt. I was running for the 11/2 minute and wasnt constantly looking at my phone to see how many seconds left. I have realised that to start with I was definitely trying to run too fast, was getting out of breath and having to stop now I am jogging at my own pace and finding it much easier. On my off days I am doing two quite fast walks with my dog so am doing exercise every day and enjoying it which is a first for me! I have a fitbit now which I find amazing it is so easy to track steps, diet, water intake and I feel even more motivated as I can see how much more active I am. I ache a bit every morning but once I have started moving around it really isnt bad. I am even looking forward to running tomorrow morning to see how much better I am getting, something I never thought I would do!!

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Go steady. Rome wasn't built in a day 🙂 Walks with the dog are great 😃 You are right to go slowly, it's all that's needed

Have fun 🏃‍♀️

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