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cream crackered updates ? no longer so ?

hello folks , tonite was my 1st 30 minutes run as graduate , did i feel any different after completing c25k ? well the honest answer is yes . done my run and it didnt feel so much hard work, even managed to do without my music and just listened to my body as i went along . by the time i got home from work , i wasnt really wanting to run and i werent feeling it but of i go and yet still managed to cover 3.3k . There was no repeat of the other night of carrying on to see how far i could get , it was a case of back to the program. a 2 mile walk tonite and another run on wednesday and walk on thursday and run on friday is how its going to be

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That's good to hear, I'm going out 'solo' tomorrow night for the first time and I was undecided whether or not to listen to music but you've convinced me to try without - must be a joy not to have earplugs shoved into your ears!! 😊


Brilliant run! Sounds like a terrific plan for the next few weeks, then you can review if you want, or not!

Thats the beauty of being a graduate, now its all up to you, just build slow and steady 💪🏻👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻


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