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ouch x3

well not run since tuesday but yesterday decided had to do something so went for a short walk ell that was the idea ended up doing 35,000 steps which for me is 12/13 miles rising about 1500 feet .

Then today my son wanted company and some one who knew the way to

A rock on "Fan y big " they call the" diving board" as it looks like one but the water would be 400/500 feet below its not a shear drop but if you went over the edge im sure you would slide and tumble a long way down and would be lucky to survive .

This walk involved about 6 miles and rising about 1200 feet for the most part a general incline with a rather steep walk up to the peek.

Both yesterdays and today's walks were not pain free from my hip but the pain was more of and acke that did not get worse or better even when under a lot of effort on the hills but its still there .

I'm amusing that walking and climbing up inclines does not stress the joint the same as when i'm running .

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That's a huge amount of steps - well done! Not surprised it's stressed your hip out though, so perhaps a day or so of rest might be indicated.


Its not the steps that stressed the hip that was while i was running a week or so ago actually it seems to be helping after 3 days of walking hip is a lot less painful more of an acke now and thats not to bad thanks for your reply


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