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Parkrun discrepancy - in my favour? (not sure)

Did my 4th Parkrun today, though my last was about 3 months ago.

At the start, had the usual thoughts of: why am I doing this / I'm fooling myself that I'm a runner / everything hurts / etc.

After a few minutes, settled into a good pace for me. Found it quite strenuous today.

My Garmin said 38.45 for 5k which is (just) a pb for me. However, Parkrun result is 37.50!

I think the Garmin is more accurate as the start time and exact starting place at Parkrun can be variable. I didn't expect them to be a whole minute different though!

I think this is definitely not in my favour as I will struggle to beat 37.50 any time soon! Not that I'm worried about time really, it's just nice to get round and not be last! And my old self last year would have literally fallen off the couch on reading this post 😄

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Whenever there is a timing discrepancy, the quicker time is always the correct one


Go for the faster time... :) Well done you !


Also - my race number and timing chip for my first 'race' have arrived in the post. Ok, it's just a 'fun run' but still... ooh err!


Hi there - I am very new to this have done 2 Park runs and I am at a loss as to understand how you get your time. 38.18 wk 1 - 37.47 wk 2 I was runner 435 out 450 😀 But I did it.


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