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Try Try and Try Again

So this is the 5th time I have attempted Couch to 5k and given up at W3 every time. I like the new app and just completed W4R2 so getting further. I am on holiday next week and concerned the break will set me back again ( can't run in the heat I would expire) so thought this might help me keep focused upon my return. Should fit in W4R3 before I go

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Can't you run very early in the morning on holiday or in a hotel gym? If not, never fear. You can just pick up the programme again when you get back provided of course you're not on holiday for several months 😊


just go out for your runs just after dawn on holiday. Nothing better.

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Thnx , just the week, so yes if i can do at least 1 run early morning it should help keep my focus.


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