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Week 8 began today

Week 8 began today

So here is a few thoughts from this mornings Day 1 of week 8 . To begin with I really didn't want to get up at half 4 this morning , but i wrestled myself up and wrongly thought of the people I promised I would do this to and the disappointment I would bring should I not. I know thats wrong but thats the way i'm wired . I've had a tough few years. Anyway this isn't the place for that but at this point in C25K I believe and feel I've done it. I didn't feel worn out event though I slowed my pace down even further but in doing so I had zero stitches for the first time since the longer runs started. I 100% feel I can run the 30 mins no problem at all. I'm no longer using the app and simply rely on my watch. I did feel slightly dehydrated so need to be sure i'm drinking enough the evening prior but overall I'm very proud and very sore today. Especially after only a days rest since Week 7 concluded. But I felt ready so I did it . More so I've finally noticed a few pounds dropping off too ! At last! :D

Ok so serious note i'm trying not to get too carried away and crash and burn before the finish line but I'm VERY positive and upbeat about this now. I rarely finish anything I start (including arguments with the girlfriend--sigh) so this shaing up nicely.

Till sundays run , see you then.


Note the pic obviously includes warm up and cool down but imagine I ran that 10 mins instead of walk. wouldn't be a bad time ;) Thats my "Week 10" goal ;)

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Great running! You have come a long way and you're still killing it :) The week 10 plan sounds great, and I am sure you can run the 30 min, from the looks of it. Congrats! Happy running!

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