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Wk6 Run1 outside

Started off okay and first 5 min run was fine.

Next run of 8 mins I honestly thought I wasn't going to do it, thought I was going to give up at 4 min and had to have a serious word with myself! Also didn't help that my shadow looked like I was walking and laughing at me thinking I was running 😡😞

Last run was fine again

So a reminder of what a horrible run this one is but all done and onwards and upwards 😆

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Haha our shadows look nothing like us I've found. Well done on the run.


Well done on the run - I was out last night and seemed to take forever to catch up with someone who was walking! I got there in the end and managed to go sailing past (it was downhill). I looked at my pace afterwards and saw that, at times, when I thought I was running it was little more than walking speed. The way I look at it though is that at least I am outside and completing some exercise which is more than I was doing at the beginning of the year so it all helps. Good luck with next week, I have one more 25 minute run before moving onto week 8 so am at a similar stage to you.

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