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Big Girl Can Jog? Yes, very slowly!

This is my made up variation to the fabulous 'Too Fat To Run?' Club!

I'm person that gets to a certain level then gives up. I'm now challenging myself to follow through for a change, but could history be repeating itself yet again?

I started the year well by joining my local park run. I attended 10 park runs in a row but I haven't been back since before Easter. I'm determined to return this weekend and get back into the swing of things again.

My immediate goal is to do my local park run in under 40 minutes before the end of May. Let's hope I can achieve it!

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what is your current time?


My PB is 40 minutes and 19 seconds but I haven't managed to get anywhere close to that lately.


A habit takes approximately twelve weeks to become ingrained, so long as you are regular. That frequen running will bring your time down and regular posting on this forum will keep you running............or we will want to know why.

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Many thanks for this. I will keep you posted.


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