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Podcast query

Hi everyone,

I'm just about to start doing the Couch to 5k training plan to train for Race for Life. This will probably sound a little daft but when using the podcast, do I listen to each week's podcast each time I go out in that week, then listen to the next one the following week etc (except for week 5 and 6)?

Sorry it's a silly question but just wanted to clarify!

Lauren :)

PS: I sometimes have some back and knee problems, any tips on how to keep them under control while training? Thanks!

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Yes - for all except weeks 5 and 6 you use the same podcast for all three runs in the week.

Welcome - do keep posting and let us know how it goes! Happy running :)

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As RainbowC has said for the podcasts. For your back, work on posture (pelvis tilted forwards; head up; shoulders back); for your knees, small steps! (You don't need to stride out). For both knees and back, try doing some strength exercises on your rest days (lots of people use the nhs strength and flex program).

...and welcome!

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