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W8 done

After taking a week off to rest my leg (I still dont know what I did to it and get the odd twinge but thats as bad as it gets) I have finished week 8!!!!!!!! To say I am pleased/proud/surprised at my progress is an understatement - I cant sing the praises of this programme enough (people are getting bored!).

I've switched running times to 5am instead of the evening because of temperature & hay fever & it seems to be going ok - I have more energy during the day and feel more awake when I get to work (which is always a bonus!).

The biggest bonus is, I got a Tomtom Spark to track my runs and (unless its being kind) it said I did just over 5k in the 39 minutes I was out!! (that includes the warm up/cool down walks)

This is one happy slowpoke!! 😁 Onwards to week 9 & graduation!!!! 😁🏃🏼‍♀️

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Slowpoke is cool!!!

Well done close now, I can, almost, hear the champagne corks popping!

Slow and steady all the way to that podium! :)

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Thank you! Starting out on my very first run (since school, some....ahem....30 years ago) I never thought I'd finish this programme but, thanks to all you & sheer bloody mindedness Im nearly there and Im loving it!! Thank you again x

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Well done. That distance and time is believable and not that slow. I measure total time and distance as well.

Good luck with graduation. 🌻🌻

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