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Week 6 done but that was hard

I was elated at the end of week5 but this week has really been a mixed bag....run 1 was awful but muddled through....run 2 was in terrible weather with wind and rain sheeting sideways yet strangely found this a good run....today run 3 I managed 25 minutes continuos and covered 2 Mile's but wow it was hard and I honestly didn't enjoy it...struggling with plantar fasciitis or fat runners heel as I affectionately know it since I started this....however It will not beat me.

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To complete a run when it is tough is wonderful!

Well done you.. it is a hard week and one that throws many of us...

You are doing brilliantly ! But, take it steady and slow.. distance and speed comes later.. just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other :)

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I don't enjoy all my runs, but I always enjoy the smug feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Be careful with plantar fasciitis though, if do a job on yourself with that it takes a long time to recover.

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