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Back at W1R1

After a bad Achilles injury I am back starting the programme again as part of my rehabilitation. I was really worried but no twinges and now I am back home I am feeling on top of the world. I'm back again, loving the beautiful evening, running again and the music and commentary to keep me going. Lots of warm ups and hopefully I will get to the end this time. Happy days!!!!

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Sounds like you had a great run! So pleased you had no achilles twinges - coming back from an injury is always a bit of a worrying time.

Good luck for your next run. Keep up with the warm-ups and cool down stretches.


Thank you. It's early days but I hope I can do it.


Good luck, last year I completed the program and even went on to do 5k to 10k ( with a 10k time of 48 minutes ) then my Achilles went so I know how annoying and painful it can be. ( 10 months of pain )

I to am starting again and hoping for no injuries.


Good Luck- that must have been so frustrating for you. Happy Running!

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