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Even Doris couldn't stop us!

Wk 4 done despite A nasty blister on the back of my Heel and Doris doing her best to blow hubby and I over the hills and far away! Seriously though has anyone a remedy for easing blisters. I bought some Compeed Plasters which cost me £5! They do the job but I found that when I push my foot in my trainer they tend to roll down or up. Still I went through the pain barrier and we finished wk 4 feeling quite good and pleased with ourselves. We have got the running bug!

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Have you both got some running socks? They have extra cushioning in the right places and are marked L and R for each foot. They also can wick away moisture and keep your feet more comfy.

Also you say trainers.. there is no need if you are happy with your footwear but there are specialist running shoes out there if you want to treat yourselves.. you can get free gait analysis at good running shops...

Ask for last seasons stock to get a bargain.

No more blisters....😆xxx

At least try the socks...

Good luck with Week are doing brilliantly...

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Thanks for that advice. I do have running socks and running shoes but I didn't realise there was a right and left for the socks! Maybe I have been wearing them on the wrong feet! Doh!

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Did you get the blisters from running?

I think a large very sticky elastoplast like you get for knees wrapped round your heel should stay in place...😯

If Doris couldn't stop you there is no way a blister should. xxx


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