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Sore foot arch

So for the past week or so I have been having a bit of pain in my left foot arch, and good ol doctor google has suggested plantar fasciitis. At first it was like a bruise and only hurt if pressed, but the last couple of days the pain has been a bit more constant. In saying that, the pain is really only very mild, and is not making me not want to walk or run or anything, but I dont want it to get any worse. So my plan was to take a couple of rest days, do a lot of calf stretches, and tape my foot to help support it, as reading through a few older posts, this seems to pretty much be the advice whether it is PL or just a strain from over use. If anyone has more advice it would be more than welcome!

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Bummer that you're stricken with this! I have had it and found that heel lifts on the stairs helped, hubby also massaged feet, and I changed my trainers to ones with built in arches on the inner side. All helped and now all well...xx


I've not suffered from PF although occasionally I have mild discomfort in the arches like you. Rolling a tennis ball underneath when I'm sitting really helps and I just massage my feet to loosen them up.


Rest! Mine started like that, just a little tenderness, then after the next run 5 days later I couldn't put my foot to the floor. Don't wear flat shoes, even around the house, a little heel makes a difference.


It could be something and nothing, motherduckling.

Rest up, apply ice, while also taking time to roll the foot out, to remove any tension held (don't neglect your other foot).

Exercises to strengthen the arches (such as towel scrunches and calf raises) will help to injury proof your feet.

The discomfort experienced could be purely due to your feet adjusting to the increased endeavour, requiring rest and recovery in between runs.

If it is the beginning of PF, all of the above still applies with the added exception of easing off on runnng until inflammation subsides sufficiently.


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