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5k comming up


I jog my frist 5k, Thanksgiving day. Right now i am on week 6 of couch to 5k. The app training is only 3 days, iv been repeating runs since week 2. I train 6 days a week, this is really the only exercise i get as an over the rd driver. My question is with next week being my big day. Should i train every day or cut back to only 3 days with the app? Also should i train the day before a 5k or rest? Any help/ advice i would really appreciate .

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"Respect the Rest Days" is a bit of a mantra on here, with good reason. You need to allow your body time to recover between runs, or you leave yourself prone to injury through muscle overuse. So I would definitely run every other day, and resting the day before your 5K. You will be a better runner for it! There are Strength and Flex exercises on the NHS website for the in-between days, which will help build your strength too! nhs.uk/Livewell/strength-an... Good luck with your 5K!

Thanks for the info, will definitely check out the flex. With sitting 14 hrs almost stright, i have tight hips.


I 'Respect the Rest Days' religiously even though I REALLY want to get out and run on some of them. I have a really good friend who runs 10Ks and he and his wife run every day almost - four days running with one day off. That sounds way too much like 'work' to me though and to be honest I am scared to death of injuries that would put me permanently out of action so I do what works best for the vast majority of people here. Just my two cents worth and best of luck with whichever way you go. :)

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