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A bit about me

Hi there! I'm 32 years old from Cape Town, South Africa.

I've been following this program for the past 7 weeks, although I'm repeating week 7 this week after a not so great run on Saturday, before moving on to week 8.

I've registered for a 10km run on 26 November, I want to be able to at least run the first 5km.

I'm a bit scared of running without Laura once the time comes. How does everyone else cope with this?

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Hi and welcome! When I did my first parkrun (5km) 10 days ago, I found the diversions of being with a lot of people, not getting in the way of those going faster (there were a lot of those :-D ) and overtaking those who were slower ( not many of them!) helped quite a lot. On the parkrun there were markers to show route, how far we'd got etc and the marshals placed at intervals were very encouraging - for that I guess it depends how your run is organised but for me it certainly helped with the running without Laura. There were some people running listening to music etc though and I had got my phone ready loaded in case I needed something to keep going. You've got time between now and then to find some that works well for you. Have fun :-)


Hi there! I gave up on Laura halfway through the podcasts and used one where I could play my own music. I still listen to music when I run. Running with the back is a fabulous experience - you'll get swept up in the atmosphere and you won't have time to miss Laura :)


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