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Ready to move on to week 5...... I think!😉

Think I'm ready for week 5 following a few minor set backs. Set backs? Allow me to elaborate.

Before my hols I went and had the gait analysis (used to have fallen arches as a kid) so was "surprised" to be told my feet were normal. Was talked into buying a pair of New Balance for 80 quid by the shop assistant thinking I'd better get something decent seeing as my knee is screwed and arthritis doesn't help either. Tried to run in them before my hols and they absolutely screwed my knee up! Arch in the shoe felt in the wrong place etc. Hobbled into the shop and the chap in the shop changed them for a half size smaller, which in fairness felt fine in the shop, took them home, left them in the box, went to Malta with my old trainers -better safe than sorry - and then tried them on for my first run after my hols. Disaster. Had to take them straight off again, no comfort whatsoever, pinching in parts, loose at the heel etc. Got my money back and some nice comfy insoles for my cheap, "wrong size" old hi tecs!

Had to use these and repeat week 3 and 4 until my knee was no longer painful after the Wallace and Grommit style "wrong trainers" incident. (Must have had a rare bad experience when I read of others having gait analysis and being prescribed the "right" trainers). As for running socks..... awful. Using Tesco work socks instead, no problem, much more comfortable. Seems to be a money making racket selling s***e to the gullible. So, having been pratted about and screwed up by trying to look after myself, I've now got myself back to where I was a few weeks ago in £20 trainers and £1 a pair socks!

I've done W4 runs 4-5 time since now and for a couple of times rather than stop at the end of the second 5 minute run just plodded on and taken it to 8 minutes - so I know the first couple of runs in W5 are achievable but R3 seems daunting. I may try an extra couple of R2 and extend the second run up to 15 minutes so the leap in duration doesn't seem so daunting. It's all about tricking the demons in my head, they really are devious little ba****ds!

Thanks for being there, all the best.

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That does sound like a bit of a palaver! I have had no experIence of gait analysis...I got through the programme with some relatively cheap running shoes from Sports Direct (other sport shops are available!). It sounds like you have week 4 well and truly sorted! Everyone approaches W5R3 with a certain amount of trepidation. I know I did! My advice would be, give it a go, take it as slowly as you can, and you may well surprise yourself. If it doesn't quite go to doesn't matter. Try as many times as you need to...and give those gremlins a good talking to! Good luck!

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Thanks tortoise girl, appreciated. It's fear of letting people down on here as much as letting myself down which gives me that extra little shove and a talking to when necessary 🙂

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Well done after all that. And your right to fit the programme to suit you where need be.

As others say on here take as slow as you like and repeat if feel need to. Slowly but surely.

My running shoes are technically walking trainers but they are well cushioned and comfortable and have done the job.

I will be looking to buy some more at some point and I look to all advice here before I get a new pair.

Good luck let us all know how you get on.

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That's Joe 🙂


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