Couch to 5K

I'm back - again!!!

Second run today after a five-week break caused by the Three Peaks Challenge and a new puppy. The three peaks only stopped me for a weekend, but the puppy..... :)

I've gone back to Week 5 again, just in case, because I know I can succeed that way. The first time I had a break (due to illness) I stupidly went straight back into a thirty minute run - and had to stop after 12 minutes and get home in ever decreasing intervals, which was so disheartening, but I learned my lesson.

And when Laura said today "You must be proud of yourself" the gremlins said "No - you've gone so far backwards" - and I shouted back "Wrong - I'm proud I'm out the door again and I haven't given up. I'll soon be back to 45 mins and 5K. And maybe this will be the time I move on up to 10K.

Anyway - I can't stop. My husband who started C25K in January this year, has got a place in the London Marathon. My sister is on the programme as well as several friends and colleagues. I daren't give up now...

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Well done. It's good to get going again after a break. I hadn't run for 2 weeks due to house move but back in the groove now. The gremlins grow fat after a break.

I liked the fact that you have others on the programme it definitely helps to keep you motivated, even if it is the thought of potential shame of giving up as you say "I daren't give up now". I've gone beyond the potential shame now and it has become a good habit like food and drink to me now.

Good luck with 10k ambitions.

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Just set the puppy on those pesky gremlin.. you are doing just fine!

Sensibly building up again and moving onward.. wonderful!


Thanks Joe & Old Floss. Once again this forum and all you wonderful people help so much.

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