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Cracked week 5 run 3 like a boss!

Just finished w5r3, which I had dreaded so much, and it's true, I could do it! and even had reserves in the tank :) :)

Lovely gentle Scottish Sanjeev kholi is right- it's all in the mind. I managed the hills, and kept going. I know I can definitely do 30 mins now- well, when it's the right time!

I even enjoyed it! Spent a fair bit of it looking up at the autumn foliage and listening to the birds... wasn't even obsessing about the time. Hope it's not coming across as a brag, but I'm proper proud of myself. And I might love Sanjeev a little ;)

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Great feeling I felt good this morning and nothing wrong with having a brag !!!!!! I did 25 and I replayed Laura saying I was a runner , this can be done it really can


Good for you well done! keep going slowly. no need for speed. it is lovely to be out isn't it ☺ However the weather will change and the challenge is to keep going. we will be out there come earn or shine 😃 I hope you will be too. keep thinking positive thoughts 😊


Well done! I've just come in from doing the same run.... I am so pleasd for you! Like you I KNOW I can do this program now...so so pleased my cousin told me about it. You've every right to be pleased and proud... See you at graduation😀

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This is the place to brag so go ahead and you have every right to 🙂 Well done.


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