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Help! Hamstring trouble

Hi there, what to do!! Been running 5k 3 x a week for a year now, then signed up for a 10k, ran a PB for distance (8k) and then 3 days later got a PB over 5k. Felt bloody marvelous. Then went out 2 days after that to do done speed work - the minute I upped the pace I felt my hamstring pull. Tried to run through it and it got tighter so I stopped. Then I ran again 2 days after that (some bad advice from my marathon running sister in law). It felt great for the first 4.5 k then kind of popped. It doesn't hurt but I can feel it's not right. I stretch religiously after a run but not before - guess I need to add that in? And how do I know it's ok to run again? Any good stretches for beforehand? Thanks in advance

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I just warm up before and stretch after

You did a bit too much by the sound of things. ,in running terms you are still a beginner so you have to take it easy. your running legs are still being built for the first 18 months to 2 years

You will have to rest and ice it til it's healed. A physio might be needed ?

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Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post, I really appreciate it. 😀 Do I need to ice it if it doesn't actually hurt? That's interesting about how long it takes to graduate from being a beginner. My running pals are both a lot lighter than me and seem to find it easier to up the mileage. I guess I'm going to have to let them go ahead...😥


Yes let them. you need to run within your capabilities but it is fun to run with others and they will help pull you round.

If it doesn't hurt then that's a good sign. you could ice it after a run though. If it's not right though you should try and rest it as you could make things worse. Only you know how you feel. we can only make suggestions but are not doctors, so you have to decide if you meet thing so rest, see a doctor etc

I hope you can get it sorted soon and can carry on running. take it easy!


Thanks again 😀


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