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Week 9

Hi guys, I've reached week 9 of the programme by some miracle & will be doing run 2 today. After some issues with hip pain I've now got it sorted that I seem to be ok if I vary the terrain and dont run the whole time in the road but vary between concrete and grass. Wet feet are not so nice though! Anyway my question is, I must be super slow as I log my runs with Map My Walk and my first W9 run it says I only did 1.9 miles ~ has anyone else found this? Is it literally a question of just completing the programme by doing your 30 mins and then working on speed after? Or am I really just going too slow? All the way through Laura has said to concentrate on completing the runs rather than your speed but I'm feeling a bit disappointed...

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Hello! Well done on your success!

There is a MapmyRun app which I find is better for running, logs your route, time, pace etc.

1.9 m is actually a tad over 3k. If you look at many of the posts on this forum you will see this is not unusual. Many many of us do not cover 5k at graduation, it's exciting to then progress yourself at your own pace once you have completed the programme, but take your time.

The programme gets you to running for 30mins, speed and distance are not important. Enjoying the journey is important though. Graduation is just around the corner, party, party 😃🏃🏼‍♀️👟

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The whole idea really is to run thirty minutes, comfortably and continuously after nine weeks. Distance and speed may follow graduation if you choose. The aim is for stamina, which you are able, then to build on.

So.. no disappointment is necessary... Just take it steady and slow and build up to the last Graduation run enjoyably... That is the way... then, when you have that badge.. go for your own way!

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Also by some sort of miracle I ran W9R2 today too and if it's any consolation I ran 3.84k in 30 minutes so well under 5k! I actually did W9R1 a tad faster (3.95k) but literally had nothing left in the tank at the end so took it a little easier today and will do the same on Monday when hopefully I will graduate (Yay!). So you are not alone in running under 5k and having looked at other forum posts it seems that the majority of people run for 30 minutes without hitting the 5k mark. Getting up to 5k is my first plan after graduation (distance over speed) and then trying to bring my 5k time down to 30 mins - but I think the latter will take some time and I'm going to have a look at the post-grad podcasts to see if they will help. Once I've run a respectable (for me) 5k time I'll go and tackle my local park run, but don't want to be last!

Looks like we will be graduating together - let's get ready to party!!

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