Couch to 5K
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Yes did it w6r3

Morning all after my doubting the other day I completed 25 mins it felt goooood , I was the only one in park...... Just finished and smiling wow wow wow thanks for support .....

When Laura said one minute left I picked it up felt like I was back on the football field at school

Why why why were the runs earlier in the week so tough , I covered 3.2 k during run time this 5 k is achievable ....... Laura I love you (wanted to choke her on Thursday )


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Fantastic 😀🌟🌟🏃🏃🌟well done its a great achievement thAt 25mins !! The buzz is worth the hard work!! Nearly there keep going!!! Graduation 🎓 in sight!!! Enjoy you are doing great 👍X

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The Laura thing is very much a love/hate relationship for many folk.

I love her... still... I sometimes take her with my head... she gets us through ! Well done you.. you are getting closer to that podium :)


Yeahhhhhhhhh....brilliant run! So great you enjoyed it. You ve done the hardest bits, now it's slowly building the running time.....slow and steady will do it. Enjoy 🏃🏻👍🏼👟


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