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Calf pain during walking intervals

Hi everyone, I run outdoors, i go to a lovely lagoon with a concrete pathway around it. I'm on my second attempt of the program. I quit the first time as my calf muscles hurt so much during the walking intervals. I'm on my second go (w1,r1) and am determined not to quit even though I have the same problem. I jog slowly and then when I slow down to walk my calves burn so much that I'm at snails pace. My legs feel fine while jogging. What the? Has anyone else had this problem or any advice on what I can do to alleviate it? It's so frustrating! I feel like an old lady during walking intervals.

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Have you tried calf strengthening exercises ? I found them really helpful.


Are you stretching your calf muscles after you run ? I find this helps .


Even though I had been doing other exercise before c25k, I also struggled with calf pain in the first few weeks of the programme. The calf muscles are responsible for lifting your heal and propelling you forward when jogging, and it requires more activity in these muscles than in walking. I repeated week 2 and some other early sessions due this calf pain. I am now running 30mins 3 times a week and my calves are still the complaining muscles for the first 5 mins. I would say persevere slowing, use stretch, massage and hot baths to help. Some gentle walks on your rest days may help build muscle. If you get pain in your calves on walking also, get it checked out.


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