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'Gone on the run-love Mum x'

It's a fair cop guv but honest it weren't my fault. Try that Laura. Something about the constant nagging to up the pace when I'd just about had it. Honestly it pushed me over the edge. Costa del Sol suddenly seemed peachy in comparison to the rain and the pain. Can you blame me? So after my latest heist with the crew in downtown Taunton I left the note for the kids and now I'm off. Gone on the run.

Well kind of. That is the note I left without realising its alternative interpretation which went a long way to convincing mother in law that she had been right about me all along.

Hey- end of Week 7 and I'm dreaming of the sunshine but the gremlins hate that and they're getting a bit bored...

Whoop whoop.

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Love it!




Wonderful.... @) Truly wonderful! x


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