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W6R1 with a twist

What a totally beautiful morning! I had to take some stuff to the post office in the next village for my husband this morning, so I drove there and ran from there just for a change. This fortunately takes me close to our local country park, which I've walked round a lot but never run. (This is where our parkrun is held, but I'm really not up for running with other people!). Since this is my second time around on the programme, and I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, instead of doing the 5,8,5 of the programme, I wound the MP3 back after the 8 min run to the beginning of W5R1 first five mins (are you following me at the back?) so I could keep running and walking round the lovely park.

Why don't I go there more often? The faff of getting the car out of the garage and parking etc were well worth it.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Sounds like a lovely run Useit. The ability to do more than strictly necessary second time around if a great bonus, isn't it. x


We are great believers on here, in Faff and faffing and faffage.. and as you say.. so very worth it,

The run sounds super and definitely one to be repeated :)

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Sounds lovely 😊


When I started in the summer I would drive a few miles to the next village where there's less chance of being recognised while running. I also wore mirror shades! Now I mainly run from home - well, there's the warm up and cool down walks so I never scare the neighbours. And now I'm not bothered about being recognised - although as my route is quiet I haven't yet met anyone I know while running oh so slowly.


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