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Great evening with running club

I went to our local running club for the first time last week, having been told they catered for beginners. I enjoyed their walk/run group though it was on the edge of what I could manage - I was doing fine until the last run (uphill), when I needed an unscheduled walk in the middle. I wasn't sure whether to go this evening - I've had a cough and a combination of work and family stuff have been very tiring and stressful, but in the end I went. I could have gone with the same group as last week but this week they had an extra group and I went with that - we walked quite a bit but really briskly and when we were jogging the group leader was getting us to look out for particular things to improve our running action, like making sure our arms went backwards and forwards, not across our chests, and throwing in a few exercises like exaggerated knee raising. We did short blasts up hills too, and carefully controlled downhill jogs. I was so glad I'd gone - I got such a lot out of it.

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That's good to hear. Did you contact them first or did you just turn up? I tried to contact our local group but they never emailed back :/


I contacted them via the address given on their website and did get a reply back. I wouldn't have thought of going to a club as I'd have expected it would be way beyond me but OH met a couple of guys in the cycle shop who told him they mostly ran rather than cycling so he said about me doing C25K, and they said I should come along to the club. It seems very good for encouraging people. They had a C25k group at the beginning of the year and plan to do so again in January. I think some people do just turn up so if you don't get any reply it's worth doing that with yours - it may simply be that their contact details are out of date.

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Yes, their website didn't seem very up to date. They did have a c25k course but the dates were from Jan 2016


Could be their website person has moved, then. Might be worth going along to have a look - you don't have to run if it doesn't seem right for you.


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