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I've not gone to moon just moved house. Worried about 2 week break from running but back in the groove ! But shamed and outrun by "Old Un"

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Actually it would have been quicker to go running on moon than get internet connected. Have a temporary fix until my new broadband is properly connected on 11th November ! ( about 3 weeks after moving house).

Was worried about 2 week break and those gremlins had put on weight lounging about. But managed nearly or possibly over 6K on Sunday and today on my new lake. As usual the "Why am I doing this" questions stopped after 5 minutes.

Ran from half way down hill about 5oo metres to lake then 3 laps round 1.6k lake (which is a mile per lap). At 9 on Sunday morning a few others walking / running so didn't feel out of place. Although I went anti clockwise and others clockwise. discovered that there were markings with 100 metres up to 1K around the lake so I went round clockwise today at 9 on my day off but I was the only one running to prove that I understood the "Clockwise" etiquette !

The last about 300 metres half way up hill was a struggle but remembered advice to get arms swinging to help me up ! On Sunday after I started to walk up rest of hill some "Old Un" I think even older than me shouted "good morning" as he whizzed past me up the hill. So there's the next challenge to run up and down all that hill ! I'm not being outdone and put to shame by Young or old Uns again whizzing past me !

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I've just had a two week break as well, although for a much more mundane reason of illness! I was very surprised when I could still run for 30 minutes - I was sure I would be back to square one. I think nearly everyone passes me - one particularly nice chap had "Eat my mud" on his back...fortunately I was too puffed to think of a reply!

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