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w3r3: knees (solved) and shins (not solved yet)

just completed w3r3 and it was surprisingly comfortable.

On previous runs I'd had some niggles in my knees so started doing some of these exercises twice a day


These seem to be working, I took a few days rest since my last run and just did these exercises so that's working.

Still a bit niggly in the shins, especially when running downhill, not sure what that's about. Anyone have any tips that would be good.

Finally, I seem to only be running twice a week and not 3 times, mainly due to work schedules. I suppose that is ok and it is what it is.

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I think you just do what you need to in life, you may find doing each week twice helps... and hope the kneee continues to improve...

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I have a niggly shin, get mild ache when I start running, but goes away as I go on, maybe as I warm up more, started using a pair of compression calf sleeves which seem to help.

Twice a week is really the minimum, that's sometimes all I do, but do try to get 3 runs in..😊

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