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I thought Saturday was the anniversary of my first parkrun: it turns out that was October 10, shortly after completing C25K (certainly not in 9 weeks, more like 15 weeks). Another sign of my ancientness, which exceeds that of anyone who has posted since then, as far as I can tell.

So, some thoughts after 33 parkruns (35 actually but barcode forgotten for two of them - ancientness again):

1: Not original, but C25K was a revelation that continues to astound me in its effectiveness on any lifelong non-runner, like me.

2: Getting better is not easy. There are only 3 parkrun times less than 40 minutes in my record (and I walked a bit on one of these). I have learned to look at my age grading for satisfaction: 53-54% while most of those around me at the tail end are at 36-38% (up at the front they are 80%+). Lengthening my stride from the pitter-patter level only happens in my final hundred metres dash for the line, which is the most enjoyable bit of the run. C25K+ Stamina at 160 beats/min is comfortable for the rest but probably needs to be speeded up a bit.

3: Don’t try two types of technology at once. Neither of them (e.g. runners’ watch and mobile app) will work. At the start of the run, getting one to start and operate properly is bad enough, especially when you have to switch it on while avoiding being run over by the galloping horde behind.

4. Thinning at waist level is a nuisance: it has been necessary to make new holes in all my belts and I don’t know whether the rest of me has gone down a size or not.

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Thinning at waist level sounds like pure joy to me.


Hi there I started in May and am still on Wk 8 so if I ever finish I might hold the record!! I like the sound of waist thinning and am 'working towards' a parkrun so you have achieved all of my goals. Keep running and ruminating 🏃🏿


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