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Newbie Diary - Week 2

Week 1 is done and dusted ( , on to week 2.

Day 1 - Back on the same route as Friday, and as I thought, the 90 second running means im hitting the hills more often on walks than on runs so it felt a bit easier. Managed 2.7km in just short of 33 minutes, I took 36 minutes to complete the same route so its all progress. Better weather today so more people out and about, still feeling a bit self conscious at times with the heavy breathing but I powered on through anyway. Strength and flex week 2 starts tomorrow

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Slow and steady... take it fast enough to get there, but slow enough to enjoy the journey..:)

Very well done... and in time, you will learn, as many of us have, to embrace the hills... honestly you will :)

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Day 2 - My weight has popped back up a little, but still lower than it was this time last week so im putting it down to normal fluctuations. Decided to double my usual dog walk to 1.3 miles even though im on a rest day from the C25K, also did both this and my first day of strength and flex week 2 during my lunchbreak. My legs are now feeling pretty tired and im thinking that maybe that was a bit too much, will see what tomorrow brings.


Day 3 - Weight wise its all going well, back down again so yesterday was just the blip I thought it was but ill still monitor as I dont want to overeat and undo all the hard work im putting in with my running. Saying that, I really didnt want to go out today, but I did anyway. I wanted to go an easy route rather than my usual, but I didnt, stuck to my plan and Im proud of myself for that. Tomorrow ill not push myself too hard with the dog walking and try and rest my legs a bit ready for Wk2R3 on Friday. Hard to imagine ive done almost 2 weeks already. Second run through week 2 of strength and flex tomorrow


Day 4 - Back up a little in weight but still down on a week ago so Im not too bothered as the fluctuations are minimal. Another day when im feeling a bit sore and tired, but I completed the strength and flex week 2 podcast with a minor adjustment in that I didnt quite do 90 degree squats and stuck to the easier week 1 level but better than missing it completely. My plan is to repeat week 2 of that again next week in the hope I can complete everything they ask before moving up. Run 3 tomorrow, reversing my usual route, I get a big hill at the start but I think I can cope with that now and I think it will pace me better as there is no chance im going to try and run up it too fast. Only thing to worry about now is deciding if saturday or sunday is my full rest day this week. Decisions, decisions.


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