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2 steps back 🤕

So I managed to get to run 2 at week 7 and then 'ping' trapped nerve in my neck, told I have cervical spondylitis (nice way of saying wear and tear). After a 2 week break, I've got back on the wagon and started week 6 again, managed to do run 2 but found it really challenging! Was just wondering. If anyone else has neck problems and is fine running? My research says low impact exercise is fine but don't think running comes into that category, really don't want to give up! Any advice, as always, much appreciated xx

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oldestnewest sounds very painful. Have you sought advice from your GP...?


Sorry..sent that before I finished..running is maybe not the way to go...there are lots of sites with advice on low impact exercise...maybe seek expert advice first, then make some decisions 😐


Hi Carrie, I have/used to have a mildly prolapsed disc in my neck, the symptoms (weird sensations down my left arm) resolved some years ago now and it doesn't bother me any more, thank goodness. Running hasn't exacerbated it at all, though I have always made sure I keep my arms and shoulders as relaxed as possible when I run to avoid tension. I don't know what your symptoms are, what your doctors have advised or whether what I had is comparable but I wouldn't give up just yet. Just avoid shoulder stands in yoga etc. The worst thing for it is sittting hunched over a computer, as I'm sure you know!


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