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Good Luck to All You Great South Runners

GOOD LUCK to everyone tackling the Great South run this weekend!! I watch each year as all the inspirational people float by and (although I'm not running the race) this is the first year that I'll be spectating whilst also calling myself a runner!

MY flat is opposite the finish line (usually the six mile marker is also outside our gate) and if any of the C25k family wants to pop up for a cuppa (or something stronger) after the race just send me a message - you are all more than welcome!

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Aw that's lovely of you Melly. Just wait til you're running it. Yeeeeha!

Yep! Go all you lovely runners. Have a great race!


Thanks for the good wishes! I will wave up in your general direction!🙂


Aah that sweet of you melly! We are meeting up beforehand by the "c" marker at the meeting area near start at 9.30am (I think) of you want to come say hello! I will wave too at marker 6 mile! !!


Thank you. Am looking forward to it but doubt I'll be floating along!!


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