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Hi did my first run last night when it turned dark! I'm not really bothered if people see me just happened if I didn't do it then I would not do for another day . Running for 60 seconds seems easy but it's not body feels OK today !so that's good I think if I complete this and I can run 5km by the end of training this will be a miracle but I'm determined I will follow the plan still have over 3 stone to lose so this hopefully will help me also a keep me focused in long term All advice and tips will be most appreciated 👟👟👟👟👟👟

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Well done for getting out. That's the hardest part, but just get out there!

If you keep running and eating healthily you will lose weight. You won't need any extra grub while on C25k though. You don't need to take on extra eats until you are going beyond 10k

At the end of the 9 weeks there is every possibility you won't have reached 5k. Very few people do. Don't concern yourself about that though. Just keep focussed on finishing each session.

It's great fun once you get into it. If you find it tough then slow right down. Slow is really the best way of tackling it

Good luck!


Slow and steady is the way and very well done you. Move more, eat less... that is the way, and certainly eat healthily!

Forget the distance and just focus on each run... the idea is to run for thirty minutes after the nine weeks..not the 5K.

Many , many folk do not achieve it, then, and never do.. they simply enjoy the run and the benefits of the whole programme and the stamina that has built up gradually over the time.


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