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I'm back

completed week 3 but not run for a couple of months ,been saying for weeks I'm going to get out there again. last night my daughter said get up and go in the morning ,I needed a kick up the bum. Got up and decided to do week 3 again can't believe I did w3r1 and felt good . Going to complete w3 again then go for it . Was worried I might need to start from scratch. 😊🍂🍂

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Keep going this time! ☺

Good luck! ☺


Good for you! Getting going is the hardest part, now you have been out and done it, hopefully your daughter's encouragement will keep you going. Feeling good will also be a major incentive :)


It is way, way, way easier to just get on and do it compared to all the energy you use not doing it, wishing you were etc

Good you're back at it.

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