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Damaged nerves!

Hi everyone,

After posting on here last week, about lack of support from family members and also about problems I have been having with my knee, I went to see my GP on Monday to see if they could tell what my knee problem might be.

Well, they seem to think that I have nerve damage, possibly brought on from the torn cartilage I had in that knee approx. 5 months ago! I am experiencing a painful knee, tingling in my leg, and a numbness in my toes (like when you've had your legs crossed too long and it feels like you have a trapped nerve). I asked if I was ok to do the NHS knee exercises on this site, and they said 'it wouldn't hurt to do them'.....

They didn't tell me to stop running (However, I didn't actually ask if I should stop, as was afraid of their reply!)

Will go out for my run tonight with a knee support on, and see how I go....

Just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice for me oh how to deal with damage nerves.... GP seemed think it will go away, but couldn't tell me when!!!!!

Thanks for listening

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I'm not sure you should run on that knee.. mand.. 😯 I know this isn't what you want to hear. What does everyone else think...

I would rest for a week at least. Running is an impact sport. Obviously walking and the knee exercises, will be good, but not sure about running. x

There's room on the IC couch for a few days.

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I can't help with actual nerve damage so sorry about that but the knee exercises are really good and I still do them now when I get a twinge because the twinge tells me I've not been doing them enough 😂

Numbness can be caused by shoes that are too tight or ill fitting so maybe a shoe review would be a good idea as well see if you can get a referral to a podiatrist and they can tell you if you need any inserts for your shoes. I think there's a running shop which also does them but I can't remember which one.

Obviously don't overdo it and rest days are important. Swimming is a good low impact exercise you can do on non run days that can help strengthen your legs as well.

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Hmm... not sure running on it will be a good idea...the knees can be a problem... I feel like Bluebirdrunner , maybe rest up.. knee exercises yes, but not running..:)

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