W6 R2 Stress Control

After a particularly stressful day in court yesterday with my ex husband, I was looking forward to getting out and running, to hopefully relieve some of my feelings. I was not disappointed. I had heard that a 'good run' alleviates the stress and it certainly did that. I came back from my run feeling so much better emotionally, and of course pleased with myself that I had completed r2.

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  • It sure does! You can feel the cares of the day dropping away on the trail behind you 😊

  • That is a wonderful way to think about it. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Sorry you have that stress but so glad the running helped. It always leaves me feeling much better able to cope with situations.

  • Thank you. It did help tremendously, and yes, seem able to be able to cope with my stresses a lot better

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