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Ran 6.17 miles after completeing c25k yesterday !!

Ran 6.17 miles after completeing c25k yesterday !!

So i completed c25k yesterday so was really buzzing and couldnt wait to put on my running shoes and done 2 laps of my usual route.. took a little bit longer to do but i done it and really proud of myself. Definately rest day tomorrow then 3 miles weds 3 miles fri and 6 miles sunday. This going to be my routine now for a few months untill i get the mins per miles down want to try get under the 1 hour mark for the 6.17 i ran today.

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Well done you. Get signed up for some 10k events and watch your times come down. 1 hr 05 for this is a very commendable time for such a recent graduate.

Well done once again.

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Thanks !! Just kept at a pace I was comfortable with, really pleased how far I've come in 9 weeks and it's thanks to the program and the amazing people giving you that confidence with there kind words and support along the way to get you out and do it. Thankyou all !! I'm also going to look at the 10k event in bristol 07/05/17 😀 Be good preparation for the half marathon in September


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