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W7R3 done

I ran by myself today; the only times I've done that before was when I was in the cull zones, so it was strange running in the park by myself without having my sons sprinting off ahead or my daughter needing to be urged on and then sprinting past me at the end!

Felt slightly dull, maybe because I didn't have company, although I like the park because there are dogs, and pigeons and gulls and ducks to look at which is more of a distraction usually than running in the woods.

I was already running in Asics trainers which have been lovely but a kind friend who likes running and wanted to help, knowing I get pain in my knees (nothing to do with running) bought me a pair of Asics Gel cumulus running shoes and they felt very springy and bouncy and light.

My sister wasn't well today so she plans to run on Monday in the woods and I will take any of the kids that would prefer the park out to run tomorrow and watch them from the middle of the park. :-)

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Well done for getting out there on your own! Having my husband there, although way out of sight for most of the run as he is so much faster than me, does help with controlling the gremlins, so you did well going out without your usual company!


Thank you. :-) Today I went to the park with two of the children and the dogs to watch them while they did W7R3; was strange but enjoyable watching them with my run already done. I felt like a P.E. teacher except that I was being warmly encouraging instead of scary and belittling...

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