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Week 2, Day 2

Today I completed the second run of week 2. This time I went around the street where I live and one close by. I wasn't as self conscious as I thought I would be but that could have been the fact the hubby walked our dog around too!!

I have bought some "proper" running clothes so need to keep going.

One question - should different trainers be worn when running on the road/path than those for grass?

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Well done for getting out for the 2nd run. Hope it went well. Be assured others don't really take much notice of you when you run - if they don't run I suspect they just think you are mad :-D Never thought about whether you needed different trainers depending on where you run. Be interested to see the replies :-)


Hi Janey

There are differing types of run shoes for track, general purpose, trail and fell running...

I wear 'general purpose' running trainers and regularly run on grass if it is soft as i tis less wearing on the joints. At my age, I have to look after them!!

Well done on completing W2R2, and look forward to your graduation in a couple of months time.


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You sound as if you're enjoying it, that's good ! I have two pairs of shoes, one for flattish Tarmac, grass and paths. The other pair for off road paths where the surface is rubbly/rooty/muddy where I need more grip (doesn't always help as the two times I've fallen over have been on these surfaces....)

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Hi henpen90. Yes, I am enjoying it. Just need to sort out some places I can run other than on the road or path so it's less ouchy!!!


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